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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I subscribe?
You can subscribe by visiting the Subscribe page
Is there a free trial period?
We offer a free trial period of 7 days on your first phone and you can cancel anytime before that at no cost. We don't want you to pay for service unless you love our service.
What's involved in the subscription process?
When you download the KidTrack™ Installer it will guide you by the hand as you provide it with your KidTrack™ account information, provide your contact information, select a plan of service and download and install KidTrack itself.
Can I set this up on more than one phone?
Yes, but each phone will require its own subscription. We offer a discount of 10% for additional phones.
What if I want only some of the information that KidTrack™ can provide?
As a registered subscriber you can customize the settings for your phone by going to "Control Panel" -> "Phones" -> "Edit Configuration". Here you can control what information is monitored. Any information that you choose not to include will not be captured in any way.
My child has an Android phone. Is there a version of KidTrack™ available for it?
Yes, this is our flagship version
What is the minimum version of Android required to run KidTrack™?
Version 2.1, code-named Éclair by Google, which has been available since January, 2010. KidTrack™ will run on this version of Éclair and on Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean and KitKat.
Will this interfere with normal cell-phone operation?
No, not at all. It’s been designed to run silently in the background, will not show up in the App Drawer and melds in with the operating system to make it as invisible as possible.
Will my child know that it’s running?
No, not unless you want it to notify your child. This can be optionally enabled by the parent.
Can I install this on all of my children’s cell phones?
Yes, but each phone will require its own subscription. Your regularly scheduled emails will consist of a single email that contains the information for all phones that are part of the same family subscription, with individual sections for each child.
How much will the battery be affected by running KidTrack™ on the cell phone?
Minimally, generally less than 1% additional drain on the battery.
How is location reported?
We convert latitude/longitude information to street address and if you view it on our website, we will show you a map with pushpins at all of the locations visited. Many of our competitors will only provide latitude/longitude information to you. How useful is that to you?
How accurate are the locations reported?
We rely on the phone collecting and reporting location information. Information that is reported from GPS is extremely accurate, information that is reported from WiFi is quite accurate (though the device can be fooled by "seeing" WiFi routers several hundred feet away) and information that is reported from cell towers are wildly inaccurate (we have seen a phone report a location, a minute later a location 20 miles away, and a minute later the original location). We accept cell tower reads only as a last resort when no other source reports.
How are phone numbers identified for text messages and the phone log?
Phone numbers are identified however they have been entered by your child into the address book. If the phone number is not found in the address book, the name is left blank.
How are websites reported?
When your child visits a website, we will capture the website that was visited (the entire URL) along with the title, if there is one (this is normally displayed in the title bar on a computer). When we display the websites to you, either via our website or in an email, we provide you with a clickable link which will send you to the website that was viewed by your child.
My child has an iPhone. Is there a version of KidTrack™ available for it?
We presently do not offer KidTrack™ for the iPhone, but are exploring how to bring this exciting technology to iPhone consumers.
My child has a Blackberry phone. Is there a version of KidTrack™ available for it?
We are presently hard at work on bringing KidTrack™ to Blackberry customers.

Frequently Asked questions about KidTrack™ Automated Emails

Why aren't I getting the KidTrack™ Automated Emails?
The most common reason is that it may be being blocked by your anti-spam software. Please configure it to allow emails from
How often will I receive KidTrack™ Automated Emails?
KidTrack™ can be configured to send emails between once a week and as many as four times a day, or not at all if that's your preference. Visit the Account page to change the frequency.
Can I change the time of day that the KidTrack™ Automated Emails are sent?
By configuring the next time that we generate KidTrack™ Automated Emails you are able to control the time of day. Visit the Account page to set the Next Report time.

Frequently Asked Questions For Control Panel Logs

How do I change the sort order in a log?
Click on the column header of the column that you wish to sort by. Click on it a second time to switch to descending order.
How do I filter the data in a log?
You can enter your filter criteria in the row below the title row of any grid. If there is a partial match of text the row will be included; if not it will be omitted. If you are filtering Location or GeoFence data you will find that those locations that don't pass your filter will appear on the map as pale pink pushpins, while those that do pass your filter will appear as red pushpins.
What are the pushpins and the pale areas around the pushpins on the Location and Geo-Fence maps?
The red pushpins are locations that have been reported for where your child was. They have circles around them that display the accuracy that has been reported for that location. The actual location could be anywhere within the circle.

The yellow pushpins represent Geo-Fence Target areas and the areas around them represent the boundaries for entry and exit from that particular target.
How do I find out more detailed information about the pushpins on the Location and GeoFence maps?
If you hover over a pushpin a hint window will popup with detailed information. If you push a pushpin the Street View will appear if available. As it isn't currently possible to put a circle around a Street View pushpin, please bear in mind the accuracy at which the location has been reported.

Frequently Asked Questions about Permissions

Why does KidTrack™ use the permissions it does?
read phone status and identity
This allows KidTrack™ to uniquely identify the phone.
reroute outgoing calls
This allows KidTrack™ to include commands that can be executed by calling phone numbers (such as **8747233** to upgrade the software on your child's phone and **737962** to immediately send all data in the phone to the KidTrack™ servers).
edit your text messages
This allows KidTrack™ to intercept text messages that contain commands within them and delete them so that your child can't see the commands that were sent remotely.
read your text messages, receive text messages
This allows KidTrack™ to see the text messages sent and received by your child.
send SMS messages
This allows KidTrack™ to respond to any commands sent as text messages.
precise location
This allows KidTrack™ to identify where your child is.
read call log
This allows KidTrack™ to identify when phone calls are made and who the call is to or from.
read your contacts
This allows KidTrack™ to see the contacts in your child's address book.
read calendar events
This allows KidTrack™ to see the appointments that have been scheduled in your child's calendar.
read Internet history and bookmarks
This allows KidTrack™ to show you the websites visited by your child.
connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
This allows KidTrack™ to enable Wi-Fi when it wants to determine the location of your child.
full network access
This allows KidTrack™ to send data to the KidTrack™ servers.
make app always run
This guarantees that KidTrack™ is always running.
retrieve running apps
This allows KidTrack™ to determine and log which apps are being run by your child and when.
run at startup
This guarantees that KidTrack™ starts when the phone starts.
prevent phone from sleeping
This allows KidTrack™ to perform jobs even when the phone is asleep such as determining location and sending data to the KidTrack™ servers.