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How It Works

When KidTrack™ is installed it sets up its own internal information storage separate from the storage system used by your child's phone. Whenever an event occurs that the parent wants to keep track of KidTrack™ saves this to its own storage system in encrypted form. Thus, no matter what your child does with the information afterwards, such as deleting a text message or a phone call from the phone log, KidTrack™ has already captured the information.

On a regular basis KidTrack™ checks to see if it has information it has captured and if it can upload it to our cloud-based secure servers, in an encrypted stream, according to rules established by the parent. Parents can establish how often KidTrack™ tries to connect and when to use WiFi, rather than the carrier data network, to reduce carrier costs, along with whether to allow data to be sent when roaming.

When it uploads that information to our servers it also deletes it from its internal storage system within the phone and this cycle of adding information, sending it to our servers and deleting it from the phone continues perpetually. This design means that we aren’t reliant on being able to connect to our servers to capture information nor on the information being preserved by your child. It also means that the information is useless and unintelligible to anyone that could intercept it anywhere along its path from the phone to our servers.

Daily or as selected, we email this information to the parent. The information is also made available on our website and is never examined in any way by us for any purpose other than to provide it to parents.

Finally, information that is older than our retention period (presently 14 days) is deleted from our servers making way for new information.