KidTrack™ turns kids’ mobile phones into a key tool enabling parents to keep their children safe. Track what your children are doing with their mobile phones in order to guide and protect them.

KidTrack™ allows you to simply see location, texts, calls and much more - whenever and wherever you choose - with the full ability to set alerts for the actions that concern you the most.

Don’t leave your child’s safety to chance – installing KidTrack™ on their mobile device truly makes a difference.

Family using mobile phones safely

How it works

  1. Mobile phone actions are recorded as they occur.
  2. Data is stored securely on KidTrack™ servers.
  3. View the data on any device at any time.

KidTrack™ allows you to know what your child is doing with his or her mobile phone


Select the length of your term and we’ll prove how KidTrack™ helps keep your kid safe at no risk to you with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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