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From Our Users

"Although I was a bit uneasy with the idea of monitoring my kids' text messages and media usage, doing so has already made us aware of two potentially troubling issues that were brewing in our kids' social circles - which we were then able to prevent/resolve by subtle intervention. In other words, this app allowed us to be better informed and proactive parents." ‑ Dave B

"Great product! I have been very satisfied with this app. Highly recommended" ‑ Jaeden Shaw

"Very easy to use. This app has a very clean layout. If you have any concerns about what your kids are doing this helps. A lot!" ‑ Dustin Grant

Your Family's Safety is our Highest Priority

KidTrack™ Helps Keep Families Safe

KidTrack™, the pre-eminent mobile phone software to help keep our kids safe Knowing that some information is more important to some users than others, KidTrack™ provides the ultimate flexibility in tracking as much or as little as you like. All settings are customizable for each user and each device. Some of those features that help keep your loved ones safe are below:
  • Alerts
    • Set Alerts across any or all of the features below - GeoFence crossings, Texts, Calls, Locations, Media and Applications - to ensure that you receive immediate awareness about their actions that concern you most
    • Even if you do not set alerts, you will still be able to track all data through the KidTrack™ "My Data" page – you just will not receive immediate notifications for those features.
  • GeoFenced areas  View: "Making a GeoFence" Video
    • You have complete control in defining multiple areas you wish to monitor
    • Monitor for both Entries and Exits
    • Set Day and Time triggers for monitoring each area
  • Text Messages
    • View Both Incoming and Outgoing Text Messages
    • View Attachments sent as part of a text messages - such as pictures
  • Phone Log
    • View Both Incoming and Outgoing Calls
    • Search by Phone Number, Dates and/or Times
    • View data on any Device on any Day at any Time
  • Browser History
    • See sites visited in phone's browser
  • Location Mapping
    • See where the phone has been
    • See where the phone is right now!
    • Set how frequently you want the phone's location to be recorded
  • Media
    • View: Pictures, Audio, Videos
  • Applications run
    • Track Applications used
    • View usage times
  • Contacts
    • View All Contacts
    • Highlight New Contacts
    • Receive Contact Alerts
  • Appointments
    • View Calendar
    • Be Alerted of All Changes
Important Note: Unlike other products KidTrack™ collects information as it is created on the phone so that no data is lost through deletion on the phone itself.

Check our Demo Data to find examples of what you can access from any Device on any Day at any Time.