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From Our Users

"Although I was a bit uneasy with the idea of monitoring my kids' text messages and media usage, doing so has already made us aware of two potentially troubling issues that were brewing in our kids' social circles - which we were then able to prevent/resolve by subtle intervention. In other words, this app allowed us to be better informed and proactive parents." ‑ Dave B

"Great product! I have been very satisfied with this app. Highly recommended" ‑ Jaeden Shaw

"Very easy to use. This app has a very clean layout. If you have any concerns about what your kids are doing this helps. A lot!" ‑ Dustin Grant

Your Family's Safety is our Highest Priority

KidTrack™ Helps Keep Families Safe

KidTrack™, the pre-eminent mobile phone software to help keep our kids safe

How It Works

When KidTrack™ is installed, it sets up its own internal information storage separate from the storage system used by the phone. Whenever an event occurs that the parent wants to keep track of, KidTrack™ saves this to its own storage system in encrypted form. Therefore, no matter what your child does with the information afterwards, such as deleting a text message or a phone call from the phone log, KidTrack™ has already captured the information.

On a regular basis KidTrack™ checks for new information it has captured and if it can be uploaded to our cloud-based secure servers. If so the data is sent in an encrypted stream, according to rules established by the parent. Parents can establish how often KidTrack™ tries to connect and when to use WiFi - rather than the carrier data network - to reduce carrier costs, along with whether to allow data to be sent when roaming.

When KidTrack™ uploads that information to our servers it also deletes it from its internal storage system within the phone. This cycle of adding, sending to our servers and deleting information from the phone continues perpetually. We use this design so that we are not reliant on a consistent connection to our servers to capture information nor on the information being preserved by your child. This information is unintelligible and useless to anyone who could intercept it along its path from the phone to our servers.

Daily, or as selected, we email this information to the parent. The information is also available 24x7 on any device on any day at any time through the password protected My Data in your account on

Finally, information that is older than our retention period (presently 14 days) is deleted from our servers - making way for new information.

Important Note: Unlike other products KidTrack™ collects information as it is created on the phone so that no data is lost through deletion on the phone itself.

Check our Demo Data to find the types of data you can access from any Device on any Day at any Time.