Project Advisors

In its simplest form, KidTrack™ turns kids’ mobile phones into a key tool that enables parents to better provide safety for their children.

However, we recognize that keeping our families safe requires much more than core technology or neat gadgets – it requires:
  • Active Interaction
  • Compassion
While parents can utilize KidTrack™ to see what their children are doing with their mobile phones without alerting them about their knowledge, we feel the key to true success for the majority of families is in the inclusion of the entire family in open participation and communication – assisted by the features of the software.

We have built (and continue to grow) an advisory panel of specialists in:
  • Family Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Addiction
  • Education
  • Family Dynamics
  • Technology
  • Communication
to help provide insights into how your family may best benefit from the open conversation about, and interaction with, KidTrack™.

Through this program, parents will learn how to have open discussions about expectations, “gamify” the experience so that their kids can be involved in a fun way that utilizes rewards and consequences. Families can work out solutions to the issues KidTrack™ might illuminate. This is also a forum to discover ways in which to connect as a family where you might be struggling otherwise.

KidTrack™ fosters the closest partnership and to-the-moment guidance of any product in the market and this Family Safety Project, sponsored by KidTrack™, provides the support that enables better communication between parents and their kids in a productive waynurturing safety, responsibility and compassion within the family.

Here are a few of our advisors:

Fiona Lucas

Fiona Lucas is the founder and CEO of iRespectOnline® and creator of the Four Rs Reputation Framework© a simple four-step framework to help parents guide their children as they enter the world of social media, the internet and mobile technology.

Fiona is a Social Media & Online Reputation Educator and recognised as a thought leader in the area of cybersafety. The Australian based author of Futureproof Your Kids© is focused on closing the digital divide and empowering parents to feel confident in the online space. Author of

Futureproof Your Kids in the age of social media

More information about Ms. Lucas.

Liliane Desjarins

Liliane Desjardins lives in Austin, TX and has spent a lifetime working with individuals and families dealing with addiction. She has worked with kids as young as 16 in her 4 day and 12 week addiction programs and has been a huge resource to families as they learn how to have honest and open communication and support each other in the cessation of addictions.

More information about Ms. Desjardins.

Dr. Jill Rosenthal

Jill Rosenthal, M.D., M.P.H., FACOEM, is Senior Vice President and Medical Officer at The Zenith Insurance Company. Dr. Rosenthal received her B.A. from Duke University and M.D. from the University of Illinois. In addition, Dr. Rosenthal earned a Masters degree in public health as well as a Master’s degree in sociology – both of which encompass safety, health, and risk behaviors – from the University of Illinois and is Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine by the American Board of Preventative Medicine.

More information about Dr. Rosenthal.

Ninon de Vere De Rosa

Ninon de Vere De Rosa, Award-winning television and internet talk show host, has a natural affinity for growth and success. Originally from England, she is well-known throughout the world and presently works in the Las Vegas area. Ninon has garnered: The Los Angeles Business Journal Award, Davey Award, USA Presidents Award, The Gracie Allen Award, Telly Awards and has received a total of over one hundred accolades to date.

More information about Ms. Vere De Rosa.

Jessica McIntyre

Jessica McIntyre is an accomplished, Los Angeles based psychotherapist. She has been actively counseling individuals, couples and families for 17 years and licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 13 years. Jessica's practice is dedicated to compassionately getting to the truth, by gently guiding you to the source of your troubles. She assists in transforming old beliefs and behaviors that can stagnate your life, as she helps you find an abundance of new choices and behaviors that can ultimately and positively change the course of your life.

More information about Ms. McIntyre.