Ninon de Vere De Rosa

Ninon de Vere De Rosa, Award-winning television and internet talk show host, has a natural affinity for growth and success. Originally from England, she is well-known throughout the world and presently works in the Las Vegas area. Ninon has garnered: The Los Angeles Business Journal Award, Davey Award, USA Presidents Award, The Gracie Allen Award, Telly Awards and has received a total of over one hundred accolades to date.

Ninon has spent her life engaging in multicultural and multinational experiences ranging from her career as a high-end model in Europe, an actress in the United States, to the author of “Joyful Volunteering”, television producer, a documentary filmmaker, and a real estate investor. She has been fortunate enough to work with and learn from some of the brightest and most talented people in the world. Her life experiences have continually sparked her desire to broaden her diversity, prosperity, passion and power for coaching and consulting. She has interviewed people across the world and has enjoyed her work with keynote presentations, one-on-one Coaching, and motivational speaking, as well as presentations that share the secrets to her success in business and entertainment.

Ninon is deeply involved in the evolution of internet TV Shows and serves as producer and host of: "NinonSpeaks", "MaxedOut Money Hour" and "Living Consciously".

Ninon is the Founder and President of KidsTalk Productions, a full-service television production company, and was the producer of: "Voices of Tomorrow", a television talk show that gave youths, from twelve to eighteen years of age, a voice in society. She is also founder and executive director of KidsTalk Foundation, a global philanthropic organization. View a video of one of the shows

Ninon spent sixteen years producing the TV show “Voices of Tomorrow” and has won over a hundred accolades for her work. She is committed to continuing the mission of serving our youth in every capacity she can.

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